Top 10 Tips for Completing Applications

  1. Call or get online and request the current application.
  2. Have two copies of your application; a working one and a final copy.
  3. Read all instructions carefully.
  4. Set a personal deadline in advance of the due date to complete the application.
  5. Do not leave anything blank; have every line filled out.
  6. Work on your essay during the summer after your junior year.
  7. Submit all of the parts of the application together.
  8. Submit a resume.
  9. Proofread. Make copies of everything.
  10. Make sure you have the right postage on it; or that it has been received if you filled out the common application.

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Success Story:

“Marilyn made me realize how full my plate really was, and how well I could balance it. She was always welcoming and went out of her way to help me out. I would come over every week and she would always have snacks ready. I would never want to take any, but by then end she would break me down to get a little water and a cookie for the road. She helped me write some of the best essays in my life, and I am confident they had a pivotal role in getting me into all six of my colleges. I am glad to have gone to Mrs. Kaufman, it made the college process simple!”


Bryant Taylor

Student at Texas A&M