Success Story:

“We cannot recommend Marilyn Kaufman more highly. She explained and organized the university admission and scholarship application processes thoroughly, invested the time necessary to understand the strengths, weaknesses and expectations of our daughter, carefully considered the desires of both student and parents, encouraged a good balance between applications to elite and other institutions, persevered through often changing “required” characteristics of potential schools, provided extensive “insider” knowledge regarding the hierarchy of admission and scholarship criteria for specific elite universities, focused concentration to achieve results, demanded organization and research to attain periodic progress and meet final deadlines, offered guidance and critiques in preparation of essays, instilled invaluable confidence in our student to help her believe she would garner admittance to the elite schools she desired; and then upon achieving overwhelming success in receipt of both admissions and scholarships, continued to offer guidance in the final selection of the university that best matched the academic, social, and diversity criteria sought by our daughter. In summary, Marilyn was wonderful!


Our daughter is a student at UCLA … her first choice of colleges; but had the privilege of rejecting acceptance letters from Washington University in St. Louis, Cal Berkeley, University of Texas, Tulane, and SMU.

Cliff and Laurie Towns

Parent of student at UCLA