My Role As Consultants

Education may be the first or second most expensive investment parents make. Parents want to make sure their children choose wisely, helping them find the right college that will touch their life and help them meet with success in their future.

An Educational Consultant can help families by assisting students in narrowing down choices and by identifying schools that are affordable. Important information will be provided on financial strategies to save you money through merit and essay scholarship. Financial aid information will be provided.

An Educational Consultant has the expertise and experience that a parent may not have on how to navigate through the complex college admissions process. It is easier to have an expert keep your child organized, on track, and meet deadlines to avoid the stress that happens when a parent works with his/her own child. An Educational Consultant can maximize a student’s chance of gaining admission to the college of their choice by distinguishing them from other applicants. This is done by highlighting their strengths through outstanding applications, essays, resumes, and interviewing. Getting into college requires planning and preparation, as each student looks inwardly to determine what he or she is looking for, and what distinguishes him or her from everyone else. It is what makes one different that will really help a student to get into college. More than seventy percent of all high school graduates apply to four year colleges, so the competition is increasingly competitive. The secret to getting into college is to be interesting; to be memorable, and to be able to successfully differentiate one’s self from others. This process requires self-awareness, depth, hard work, dedication, self-motivation, responsibility, and focus. It does not begin in the fall of a senior’s life; it begins at the very start of one’s education. However, it is never too late to become interesting, memorable and distinguishable, it just requires setting goals, dreaming big, believing in yourself and believing in what is possible.

Success Story:

“Marilyn Kaufman’s exceptional knowledge and understanding of college admissions was invaluable to us during our daughter’s college application process. The essay editing and suggestions were wonderful, but the personal interest she gave her made all the difference. She is both professional and caring. In addition to the self esteem boost she gave her, she also helped our family tremendously through what would have otherwise been a stressful time. We highly recommend her services to anyone. She truly made the college process enjoyable! Our daughter has such respect for Mrs. Kaufman. She values her advice and we know she will continue to use her services for future applications and interviews. She just brings out the best in her students… We can’t thank her enough for all her support and great advice.”

Pam Jackson

Parent of students at University of Texas, Austin, and St. Edward's University