Personalized Counseling Service

Offering specialized guidance for high school students to find the college each student will individually thrive in, academically and socially.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

Assistance preparing a detailed roadmap for the application process including application requirements, timetables, recommendations, financial aid and scholarship resources.

A Focus on Individuality

Developing a personal relationship with each student to assess their individual strengths, abilities and goals, and empowering him or her to grow throughout their college journey.

A Resource for the Accepted Student

Navigating accepted students through the process of evaluating colleges, scholarships, grants, and planning college visits.

Success Story:

“Marilyn was an indispensible part of the college process. She was vital to my success as a personal essay writer and as a college applicant in general. Marilyn kept me focused and goal-oriented while also making sure I was relaxed and stress-free throughout senior year of high school. I loved spending time working with her, and ironically, she made college applications kind of fun! I am confident I would not have seen such favorable acceptance results without her.”


Student at the University of Pennsylvania